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Myvatn Tours - Askja Tours - Bardarbunga Tours - Holuhraun Tours - Lofthellir Cave Tour - Whale Whale Iceland
Myvatn Tours - Askja Tours - Bardarbunga Tours - Holuhraun Tours - Lofthellir Cave Tour - Whale Whale Iceland

At the Top of Icelandic Touring

Visit Askja is a proud member of Scandinavian Travel Services, a local tour operator recognized by the Tourism Board of Iceland and The Icelandic Tourist Industry Association. 


As a tour provider, it is our mission to shows travelers the majesty of Iceland in an eco-friendly way. Visit Askja takes guests on an enjoyable and educational island adventure while striving to reduce our ecological footprint on the beautiful yet delicate Icelandic landscape.

Customer service is out passion and we are constantly expanding our connections within the travel industry to better serve our clients. Our knowledge of Iceland is extensive and lets us create a touring plan for your needs, helping you to have the Icelandic getaway of your dreams.


The devoted Visit Askja team works hard to give our services a personal touch. We attempt to make our tours and services as varied and interesting as the Icelandic landscape.


At Visit Askja, we want to give customers a sense of freedom during their travels while still providing the convince and organization that professional planning offers. We make logistical arrangements globally with travel companies – resulting in comfortable and enjoyable and hassle-free journey.


  • We are driven by a passion for Iceland and for the tourism industry to be the best in what we do and have pride in our work!

  • We offer a large selection of tours with something to suit every taste or preference; from short tours to all-day treks and everything in between.

  • At Visit Askja you will always be helped by a knowledgeable member of our staff, who will assist you as you as you put together your once in a lifetime Icelandic getaway. 

  • Our guides are fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Iceland. Let them show you their favorite spots and all that Iceland has to offer!

  • We work closely with global travel and touring organizations, who are innovative and excited to develop the tourism industry.

  • Scandinavian Travel works exclusively with licensed suppliers to ensure quality services. Service provider quality checks are standard and done on a regular basis.

  • We donate 10% of our gross profit to our project “Madre de Dios” children shelter in Bolivia. Help us give to others less fortunate.


With Scandinavian Travel cost is never an issue – we offer amazing services that are guaranteed to fit within your budget. See Iceland with Scandinavian Travel Services ehf – guiding you to the Icelandic adventure of your dreams!


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