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Askja Volcano + Holuhraun Super Jeep Tour

Fully Guided tour with everything included!
Askja Tours

Volcanic Wonders & Askja Caldera

Duration: 12 hours.

Departure: 8:00am from Hotel Reynihlíð Parking / Mývatn Activity Office at Reykjahlíð.

Minimum: 2 adult. 

Bring with you: warm clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, sunglasses, good hiking shoes/boots & lunch.

Season: June - October

Price: 59.900 ISK per person. Children 49.900 ISK.


59.900 ISK per person

We start every day at 08:00am from the tourist information centre at Reykjahlíð, Mývatn (next to the supermarket). The area is in the mid-highlands of Iceland where snow can linger the better part of the summer. Along the way we will see the magnificent Askja – considered to be Iceland´s most beautiful natural pool.


It´s a long tour but we will have time to stop and stretch our legs and enjoy nature. We will make two longer stops, at the new lava field in “Holuhraun/Nornahraun” as well as “Askja caldera” for about 2 to 3 hours. Tour duration is 12 hours in total.


We will also give you some background information on the geology of the local area, as well as the latest developments of the volcanic activity. Having experienced this amazing phenomenon we then proceed to the natural geothermal pools at Laugafell for a relaxing soak before heading back to Lake Mývatn.


The longest hike on the tour is from the parking area at “Vikraborgir” in the “Askja caldera” to “Víti” crater. It is a 2,5 km hike that takes 35 to 45 minutes each way. The hike difficulty level is easy to moderate depending on snow levels and weather conditions.


We travel in very small groups with max 6 passenger pr. super jeep. That gives us flexibility to stop where ever our guest likes on our tour

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