Whale Watching Tour From Husavík

Iceland's number 1 site for whale-watching
Whale Watching Húsavík Iceland - Húsavík Original Whale Watching

Closer than you think

Duration: 3 - 3,5 hours.

Departure:  It depends on season (check on calendar).

Minimum: 1 adults. 

Bring with you: Warm Clothes.

Season: May 1st - September 30th

Price: 9.950 ISK per person. Children 4200 ISK.


The pretty town of Husavik on Iceland´s north coast is generally acknowledged as being the best place to go whale-watching.


The town overlooks Skjálfandi – shaky bay. Migrating whales flock to this bay, and sighting success rates are the highest in Iceland. 

Whale Watching Husavik
Whale Watching Husavik

Whale Watching Husavik
Whale Watching Husavik

Whale Watching Husavik
Whale Watching Husavik

Whale Watching Husavik
Whale Watching Husavik


9.950 ISK per person

This is our most popular whale watching tour. We will take you to the traditional whale watching areas in Skjálfandi Bay where we will hopefully see these magnificent creatures. If you really want to witness at close quarters the majestic sight of whales in their natural environment, then Husavik is the place to be.


You will set out to sea in a beautifully restored oak fishing boat. The Vinafjöll and Kinnarfjöll mountain ranges that sit on the opposite side of the bay make for a picture postcard scene.


Skjálfandi bay is teeming with marine life. Over ten different species of whale and dolphin have been sighted in the bay in recent years, with the Blue Whale among its visitors. The Humpback whale is very common in these waters, constantly amazing people with its acrobatic displays.


It can get a little cold out at sea, but don´t worry. You can always pop below deck into the cabin and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa! Your safety is our top priority. The crew and guides have completed STCW training and to guarantee a safe and enjoyable tour for everyone.


Experience whale-watching in Iceland with us!


PRICE 9.950 ISK per person

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