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Volcano Bardarbunga Flight Tour

Experience an active volcano from the air!
Volcano Bardarbunga Flight Tour - Volcano Holuhraun Flight Tour

Eruption Flight from Akureyri

Duration: 75-90 minutes.

Departure time can vary depending on weather and availability; 10am, 12, 14pm and 16pm.

Minimum: 4 adults. 

Attention points: Bárðarbunga and Holuhraun volcano.

Time and dates: It depends on weather and availability.

Price: 60.000 ISK per person. 


If you find yourself in the charming town of Akureyri whilst travelling Iceland then this is your opportunity to visit the ongoing volcanic eruption at Bárðarbunga.


This tour will also offer you a glimpse into the strange yet wonderful land that makes up the interior of Iceland.

Volcano Bardarbunga Flight Tour - Volcano Holuhraun Flight Tour

60.000 ISK per person

This is one flight where we can guarantee you a window seat! Depending on the conditions we should be flying over the eruption site about 30 mins after take-off. You may well have seen photos and video clips, but in reality it is impossible to appreciate the size, scale and power of a volcano eruption without witnessing it up close. (well, as close as is safely possible!)


As well as the spectacular lava fountains and flows, the newly formed lava field at Holuhraun (approximately 8km2 and is expanding all the time) will provide a timely reminder of how powerful mother nature can be.


Other notable sights that you will get a unique perspective of include the famous Askja caldera, the vast lava fields of ódáðahraun and the source of the eruption itself, the Dyngjujökull glacier.


We will hopefully have the chance to take our time flying over the area and seeing more sites before heading back to Akureyri




Volcano Flight Tour from Mývatn       45.000 ISK

Volcano Flight Tour from Akureyri     60.000 ISK

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