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Iceland Game Of Thrones Tour

The First and the Finest Game Of Thrones Tour
Askja Tours

Winter is Coming... year round

Fulfill your Tv dreams by taking this spectacularly divine and magically inspiring tour through the Lake Myvatn area. Being pristine and captivating, there's no wonder it was an important location in the 3rd season.


Duration: 8 hours.

Departure: 8:50- 09:00 at KEA hotel Hafnarstræti 89

Bring with you: warm clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, sunglasses, good hiking boots, wimsuits and towel.

Minimum: 1 adults. 

Season: All year around. 

Price: 23.800 ISK per adult. 19.500 ISK per child. 

23.800 ISK per person

Have you ever wondered where many of the Game of Thrones locations were located?  Well we have a secret to reveal and it's an exciting one!  The men of the Night's Watch  who  protect against the Wildlings are really based in Iceland—well at least the location that was used in the internationally popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. 


As based in the books and the tv series, the Wall is the barrier that keeps back the Wildlings & Others from the Seven Kingdoms.  The bastard child of Ned Stark in the series, Jon Snow becomes an unlikely hero unifying the Wildlings and the members of the Night's Watch, at least for a time. 


Iceland is a well sought after location for films and television programs because of its storybook and picturesque settings that inspire us viewers to suspend our disbelief and transposes us to a mythical space.  Well there is no need to live vicariously through this imaginative process.  Now you can step into the mystery yourself by joining us on this life-altering tour. 


Chock full of geological beauties, this area harbors enormous craters that are canyon-like and also hold various bodies of water. The geothermal site of Hverir, where one can see pools of spewing mud and steam releases  is one of the mystical natural sights included in this guided adventure!


Not only is this tour fun, but in a sense it is one of those places on Earth that inspire inner growth and spiritual enlightenment.  Being absolutely wrapped in nature's raw beauty calms one's mind and allows for peaceful reflection.  


At the end of your tour you can treat yourself to a soothing and serene natural bath at The Myvatn Nature Baths. 

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