Askja Winter Super Jeep Tour

Visit Askja in Winter Time!

Askja Super Jeep Tour from Mývatn

Difficulty: Viking! On this tour we will take you through the snow swept desert of the Northern Highlands to the famous Askja caldera and the volcanic crater Víti.


Duration: 14-18 hours.

Departure: 8:30am from Hotel Reynihlíð Parking / Mývatn Activity Office at Reykjahlíð.

Included: Driving tour guide, 4X4 modified truck for winter conditions.

Minimum: 4 adults. 

Difficulty: Viking! 

Season: October 1st to May 31st

Price: 139.900.-Ikr per person (5.000 Ikr per person extra if you want to be picked up from Akureyri Airport).

139.900 ISK per person

They say Iceland is a land of contrasts. Fire and Ice. This is true, but perhaps the greatest contrast is between summer and winter. During winter the landscape is completely different, offering something unique and challenging to the adventurous amongst us.


During the winter months the Icelandic highlands are covered with a thick layer of snow. Standard cars are of no use to us here – we need specially modified heavy duty super jeeps to tackle the snow and ice. You will be driven by experienced driver-guides who take pride in their extensive knowledge of the area.


We set off from Mývatn, following the main road until we get to Hrossaborgir where we leave civilised land behind us and head into the interior of Iceland. The imposing yet majestic Mt Herðubreið will accompany us, nearly always being in view. We will make several stops to take advantage of the numerous photo opportunities.


Eventually we will reach Drekagil gorge and Askja. We will stay here overnight in mountain huts. We are far from any city lights, so our chances of witnessing a northern light display increases – an added bonus to any trip one takes in Iceland during winter.


The next day we will either walk - or possibly even cross country ski - to Viti, a huge volcanic crater. The name Viti means “Hell” in English, rather ominously the water that sits at its base never freezes...We then head back to Mývatn. The weather will have undoubtedly changed offering new conditions, new challenges and crucially more fun. The best part of this trip isn´t just the stunning landscapes, but the thrill and excitement of getting there!


ATTENTION: The weather in the highlands can change very fast and it is important to have good shoes and warm and preferably waterproof clothes. Due to road or winter weather conditions, the tour might take longer than planned or in some cases force us to cancel the trip. If there is heavy snow, the walk from the car to the crater Víti will take longer and be more difficult.


PRICE 139.900 ISK per person / Departure at 8.30am from Hotel Reynihlíð Parking / Mývatn Activity Office at Reykjahlíð.