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Askja Mini Bus Day Tour

Lunar Landscape & Iceland's Most Famous Caldera
Askja Tours

Askja 4x4 MiniBus from Mývatn

Get ready to enjoy a day out in the breathtaking Highlands of Iceland. Join us to explore the Askja caldera, one of the magnificent pearls of the North and discover what the picturesque Herðubreiðarlindir have to offer.


Duration: 11-12 hours.

Departure: 07.45am from the Tourist information at Reykjahlíð (Hraunvegur 8).

You need to bring: waterproof jacket and trousers, good hiking shoes/boots, drinking water and food.

Minimum: 2 adults. 

Season: 1st of July - 31st of August.

Price: 25.900 ISK per person. Children (6 - 15 years) receive a 50% discount.

25.900 ISK per person

Askja Caldera is one of the most amazing regions in Iceland. An untouched, rough and wild area with breathtaking otherworldly like landscapes. Turbulent nature forces have been shaping this strikingly beautiful area for centuries. Any traveler that is looking for the ultimate Iceland Highlands experience, should come to discover the hidden secrets of this untamed pearl of the North. 



Service is carried out by a 4x4 minibus that provides supreme comfort. With a maximum of 15 passengers per vehicle, the tour offers a more personalized treatment and fulfilling experience.




Staring from the well-known Mývatn, a turquoise beautiful lake surrounding by amazing lava fields and geothermal springs, we will head to crater Hrossabord by driving on Road 1 and F88 Gravel Road. Hrossabord means “Horse Castle” and is an impressive volcanic crater that will for sure get us started to experience this spectacular land.

Once we cross Grafarlandaá and Lindá rivers, we will stop at Herðubreiðarlindir by the mount Herðubreið. This is an oasis among the north area of the Vatnajökull Glacier. The fresh springs flowing from beneath create a lush and verdant area where pink and burgundy foliage get right on the spotlight.


The route will then continue to Dyngjufjöll, a volcanic mountain range, where we will visit the Drekagil canyon. This will directly take us to the crown jewel: The Askja Caldera.


We will then park by Vikraborgir craters to enjoy a nice and delightful walk to both the Lake of Askja and the Víti crater. This hiking route takes about 2.4km each way that will allow us to discover the zone right from the ground!

Things to Consider

  • Icelandic weather is varying changeable, be sure to bring enough clothing for any climate condition. Windy, rainy, snowy or foggy.

  • These circumstances get accentuate when arriving to Askja. We start from an altitude of 280 meters at lake Mývatn but we end up at about 1000 meters above sea level. Taking enough food for the excursion is highly advisable. Same applies for your shoes, they need to be adequate for hiking. Clothing should be warm enough and also wind and waterproof.

  • During the summer time, snow can still be found on the first section of our hiking route making it a bit more difficult than later dates on the same season.

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