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Bárðarbunga Eruption Flight from Mývatn

This is one are tour that you do to miss
Volcano Bardarbunga Flight Tour - Volcano Holuhraun Flight Tour

Eruption Flight from Mývatn

Season: All Year Around.

Duration: 75 minutes.

Departure time can vary depending on weather and availability; 10am, 12, 14pm and 16pm.

Minimum: 2/4 adults. 

Attention points: Bárðarbunga and Holuhraun volcano.

Time and dates: It depends on weather and availability.

Price: 45.000 ISK per person. 


Take a flight over Iceland to see the volcanic eruptions of the Bárðarbunga volcano for 295€. You are sure to love taking in the barren Icelandic interior too.


It is a once in a lifetime chance to experience watching an active volcano with your own eyes.


Volcano Bardarbunga Flight Tour - Volcano Holuhraun Flight Tour

45.000 ISK per person

When on the plane you will be able to see approximately eight square kilometers of the newly formed lava field and the Dyngjujökull glacier, which is just as miraculous as seeing the eruption. During the tour we get as close as possible so you can see nature at work without putting any of you at risk. If you have wanted to have an experience of a lifetime this tour is able to provide you with just that!


When you board the flight, we fly as safely as possible because of weather conditions. Therefore, you are able to take photos of the Askja Caldrea and Viti Crater from the skies. The best part is on our tour we guarantee that you will have a window seat so you have a clear view of everything that is going on below. 




Volcano Flight Tour from Mývatn       45.000 ISK - Operated from Akureyri during wintertime

Volcano Flight Tour from Akureyri     60.000 ISK

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