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Lofthellir Cave Tour From Akureyri

This underground ice cave journey is too good to miss!
Askja Tours

Lofthellir Ice Cave

Duration: Five hours maximum.

Departure: You can be picked up from your hotel at 8:00

Minimum: 4 adults. 

Bring with you: Waterproof clothing, gloves, comfortable and high quality walking shoes.

Season: May 1st - October 31st

Price: 26.500 ISK per person. Children 50% discount.


Akureyri is not far away from the place of northern Iceland that is known as Lofthellir.


Lofthellir is a lava cave that has been around for 3.500 years. Inside of the cavem you can see breathtaking ice structures and lava formations.

Lofthellir Cave Tour From Akureyri - Cave Exploration - Lofthellir

26.500 ISK per person

This incredible tour allows you to go underground into Lofthellir, which is known for being a unique and exquisite cave. Lofthellir will show you the most breathtaking natural ice sculptures and lava formations.


While inside of the cave, you will have your expectations exceeded. The tour drives on the rugged track, which leads to attractions such as the Hverfell volcano, Lúdentarborgir, and it passes the base of Mount Hvanfell.


Passengers also experience viewing the old forest before indulging in a brief hike over the lava fields to reach Lofthellir. Once inside of the cave the ice structures such as “Church with alter” are sure to peak your interests. The cave is colorful, which makes you feel like you are experiencing something surreal.


There are several chambers, which are connected by ramps of ice; ropes are in place to insure it is safe. Make sure you dress warmly though because temperatures are known to stay around zero degrees. The group spends about an hour minimum inside of the cave, so you can experience the magical atmosphere and take photos to show everyone back home.


Disclosure: This tour is not ideal for small children, claustrophobic people, or those who are not in good physical health. Due to weather and/or road conditions, the tour could last longer than projected or it may be cancelled. In the event that the tour is cancelled, full refunds are issued. 


It is possible to commence your tour from Akureyri or Mývatn.


From Akureyri 26.500 ISK per person

From Mývatn 19.500 ISK per person


PRICE 26.500 ISK per person / Departure at 8:00pm (Pick up is 15 min before departure).


This tour is not available

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